Environmental-friendly product co-worker with DPS
  Compact design. ease to install
  Low power-consumption.environmental-friendly
  Economical and rare
  Automatically protection from malfunction
  Both be fitted for new or remodel model
  Can be used to the existing pesticide
  To reduce the water consumption expense
  For low cost and high performance purpose
  Beneficial both for industrial use and home use
1.Make use of the bath-water, cloth-washing water or rain to infuse Aquacyc for starting
2.The water to be infused contains numbers of big solids of heavy.this part of filtration dispose of these solids, the process descrease.the capacity of the whole filtration work and make it more easy to.the rest steps. Besides, the easily dismantle coniform filter mesh can be.washed periodic.
3. The water from step 2 is now into the second stage, to be processed at a rough filter mesh with another filter agent, then to be stored in a worked water tank.

4. The treated water now can be made use of flushing toilet or sprinkling flowers and trees.

The treated water can be upgraded via a colored, spicy and biodegradable insecticide, Aquacyc also provides tools to append the insecticide.
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